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The Courtship of Life – how to make the future better.To court is to pursue, to have a plan that follows through to a positive result, in whatever endeavor one engages. So, what is Life all about, but an unending pursuit – an ongoing love affair? For only Love can bend and still triumph – Love, built on mutual respect, unswerving hope, understanding and generosity.

Book I

"Conversations with Thomas"

- In a series of letters of empowerment written by Amélie Diamant-Holmstrom, grandmother of Thomas Holmstrom, on how to live a Quality Life with knowledge, value, integrity and joy. On the opposite page of each letter are suggestions for parents, grandparents, friends and mentors on how to bring about these values.

Softcover: $16.75 ~ Hardcover: $27.50
Book II

"Destined for Greatness"
the personal touch of teaching

- offers ideas to redefine and reshape the educational system for, first and foremost, the benefit of students.

Softcover: $15.75 ~ Hardcover: $26.25
Book III

"Yes I Can!"

- is for everyone who aims to successfully travel life's challenging, ever-changing journey through love, observation, knowledge, courage, faith, determination and perserverance.

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Softcover: $15.75 ~ Hardcover: $26.25
Amelie Diamant-Holmstrom's Courtship of Life
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