"Life is an inner song, realized and acted upon," said Rudipapa. In every person is that special magic inner voice that, if lovingly cultivated, will rise upward, express itself and become the melody that permits self-assured communication from the depth of the heart.

When I walked into my first French class after completing my BA and MA degrees in teaching, I knew I would have to take steps never written in textbooks or teachers' guides to bring out the best in my students. It didn't take long to realize that my major role was imparting to my students that I was there to teach each of them according to their own abilities and needs, and inspire their curiosity for the subject at hand and for life in general (since no one subject stands alone but all subjects are part of a life experience). I made absolutely clear that I wanted to move each of them from point A to point B — that is, to help them progress from their skill level at entry (whether advanced, satisfactory, or below-grade) to as high a level of achievement as they could accomplish within the limits of time and resources at my disposal.

76 pages ~ Softcover: $15.75 ~ Hardcover: $26.25

Amelie Diamant-Holmstrom's Courtship of Life
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