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"What we miss in today's world are thinkers," says author Amélie Diamant-Holmstrom. This trilogy inspires parenting, teaching and celebrating the uniqueness of every individual. Its pages are infused with values, the balance of privilege with duty, of choice and freedom with accountabilities, of joy and sorrow, and calculated risk with experience and insight. It is a manual for the shelf of anyone seeking a richer, more meaningful life and who understands that the future of world peace begins as the generous interaction of each individual with himself and those around him.

Mark O. Hatfield, United States Senator, Oregon, Retired

In her new "Courtship of Life" series, Amélie Diamant-Holmstrom shares her profound ideas for revitalizing our faltering public school system. Her many years of teaching and thinking about the educational process has culminated in a thoughtful and provocative challenge to teachers, administrators and parents to re-shape the goals and purpose of public education. Amélie's fresh approach provides a welcome ray of hope that the joy of learning can be restored to the classroom. What a welcome message in these difficult times.

Robert Bailey, General Director, Portland Opera

Amélie Diamant-Holmstrom's "Courtship of Life" trilogy is unique. Her talent as a teacher, writer and philosopher places the reader, be it he or she, young or old, into a very personal interaction with the author, touching everyone's life experiences and suggesting new responses.

  • "Conversations with Thomas" is an empowering parent/child book.

  • "Destined for Greatness is a wake-up call to rethink and reshape today's troubled education system.

  • "Yes I Can" is a book addressed to all who seek to lead a quality life - a book dedicated to putting civility back into civilization.

I would strongly recommend Ms. Diamant-Holmstrom's well-written trilogy to all who seek intelligence and education, while experiencing a near personal relationship with the author.

~ Fred M. Rosenbaum, Brigadier General, Retired
Amelie Diamant-Holmstrom's Courtship of Life
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