In each of us there is a little "jerk" and a "BIG MAGICIAN."

Let's accept, forgive, and make allowances for the little jerk — and then dismiss him. Let's court, recognize, validate, and cultivate the Magician in ourselves and in each other. With knowledge, truth, forethought, integrity, beauty, imagination and trust, we can inspire each other to succeed.

Let everyone save face. No matter how much you disagree, no matter how unkind someone is, remember that people are not mean because they want to be, but because they are at odds with themselves — (their little jerk has temporarily eclipsed their great Magician). Be generous; offer positive suggestions for change in such a way that it preserves your adversary's dignity. This can possibly save their life, and will certainly enrich your own.

Each of us has dark days. To resist becoming depressed, let me suggest thinking of some rewarding and empowering past happening to be withdrawn from our "reserve bank account," which is lodged in our heart and used to light the dark corner."

82 pages ~ Softcover: $15.75 ~ Hardcover: $26.25

Amelie Diamant-Holmstrom's Courtship of Life
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