Vienna, 1927 . . . Triplets were born at Lobkowitz Platz No. 1, to Dr. Rudolf Diamant and Charlotte Diamant. I was the middle arrival, and have been in the middle of everything most of my life. Ever since I can remember, I think and speak of "we," not "I." This accounts for my view of life not as a self-acquiring endeavor, but as a sharing experience that benefits as many people as possible. It is energizing indeed to realize that one has the strength, imagination, desire and capacity to create one's own existence to a rather large degree, and that to make a difference, as my beloved Rudipapa, (my father, best freind and mentor) suggested, is a lifelong challenge for everyone. It has been a particular goal of mine.

~ from "Yes, I Can!," by Amélie Diamant-Holmstrom
Amelie with her mother, Charlotte, and her triplet sisters Evelyn and Marian.

Amélie, her triplet sisters and parents came to Portland Oregon in 1941 from their native Austria. Her father, Dr. Rudolph Diamant practiced dentistry here, and her mother was an award-winning violinist and fine arts painter. Amélie and her sisters graduated from Portland's Grant High School in 1944. Following graduation, Amélie attended the University of Oregon and graduated from the University of Washington. She then returned to teach and serve as the Chair of the Language Department at Grant High School before meeting her husband, James Holmstrom, and moved to Berkeley, California so he could attend law school at Boalt Hall. James practiced law and later became a judge in Berkeley.

Amélie has over 30 years experience teaching foreign language and culture to high school and university students, and with Stanford University professor Dr. Robert Politzer, coauthored a successful French textbook series.

Today, in her seventh decade, she still pulls standing ovations from high school classes as a substitute teacher. Please reread that last sentence, since it is really true: today's jaded, ultra-sophisticated high school students actually stood up and cheered their substitute teacher. She is definitely not ordinary!

Amélie Diamant-Holmstrom is an author, a grandmother, a teacher, and a force of nature! She is filled with energy and optimism, full of hope and strength and it is her plan to write more life-empowering books under the umbrella name "The Courtship of Life." She hopes to form a club and eventually a Center for the Courtship of Life to further this philosophy.

Amélie with her friend, Lucy

Amelie's talented son Eric Holmstrom produces educational family games that can be found at Thing-O Games, . The game "Phoney Baloney" won the 2003"Games 100" Party GameAward. "Five Score" is the winner of the Parents Choice award, National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, a Dr. Toy "Best Vacation Product" and is a Newsweek "Brain Game."

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